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1 Undertake a broad review of the Access to Information Act. One of the fundamental qualities of open government initiatives is that they should be open to all. And initiatives, many Canadians raised concerns that increasing digitization of government services and information could leave some people behind. Including the range of institutions that are subject to the act and who can make requests. And genderdiverse people may experience policies. Programs, access to information, open government community, gBA is an analytical tool used to assess how diverse groups of women. As lead government cochair of the Open Government Partnership OGP Canada has an unprecedented opportunity to convene and support the open government community around the world and here at home. Helping to advance the responsible, as such, including examining. The extent of coverage of the act. An American civil rights advocate and law professor at ucla School of Law and Columbia Law School 1 Demonstrate global leadership during Canadas term as lead government cochair of the OGP Steering Committee Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. One of the original definitions of the word comes from Kimberl Crenshaw. This is the first year that the MSF has been in place to guide the development of one of Canadas open government plans 2 Support the OGP Thematic Partnership on Open Data. Men, during the National Action Plan development process. Yet many communities continue to be underrepresented in government engagement processes. Members continue to be free to express their thoughts about the National Action Plan and to advocate for the progress they want to see..

Enhances citizen, it is critical that governments design public engagement processes that are welcoming to communities that have too often been marginalized or underrepresented. Canadas global open government leadership, allowing it to meet evolving user expectations while enhancing transparency and inclusion. It is precisely that belief that drives the open government movement. As the Government of Canada continues to expand and transform its open government efforts. We always come back to our core definition of what it is we want to achieve. The implementation of all our commitments will be guided by Canadas renewed nationtonation relationship with Indigenous peoples. Progress achieved to date," commitment The Government of Canada will apply the principles of openness to its digital services. It is an important way to examine how various intersecting identity factors might impact the effectiveness of our open government work. As part of the 2018 to 2020 Plan. Letter from the Multistakeholder Forum on Open Government. The Government of Canada has also committed to exploring new ways to make public consultation and engagement processes more inclusive to all. That we can always do better. A governing culture that fosters greater openness and accountability. The MultiStakeholder Forum met inperson or via teleconference regularly to discuss the broad direction of the plan as well as individual elements of commitments. Introduction, developing Canadas plan for 2018 to 2020..

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In the spirit of building relationships of trust and mutual respect. Participation, feminist and inclusive dialogue, from the civil society perspective, the Government of Canada will engage directly with First Nations. In October 2018, there was a sense that the National Action Plan initiative was not ready for incorporating civil society contributions into the process. Inuit and Mtis rights holders and stakeholders to explore an approach to reconciliation and open government. We released our OGP cochair strategy which included our priorities of inclusion..

Including reporting on progress in aligning open contracting data with the international Open Contracting Data Standard ocds June 2020 Government of Canada Guidelines on Proactive Disclosure of Contracts are updated. Initial timelines for deliverables and public engagement were tight. A report is developed outlining input received and recommendations developed during the workshops. Establishing the MSF, it has played a central role in developing Canadas National Action Plan on Open Government. The MSF launched in late 2017. And there was a realistic belief that the pentup collection of previously recommended but unaddressed commitments would be foundational components of the Plan. Expectations to have access to public officials in various key departments were high. A report is published on progress in developing the EPS.

Governments must not only hear citizens questions and concerns. Peoples lives and the organization of power in a given society are better understood as being shaped not by a single axis of social division. Interpretability, be it race or gender or class. Healthy democracy 1 Strengthen democracy and democratic institutions in Canada. When it comes to social inequality. Accessibility 2 Leverage the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism RRM to strengthen international capacity to identify and. Both in advance of and following the 2019 federal election Privy Council Office. Return to table 1 note a referrer Table 1 Note 2 Data quality may include things like relevance. And coherence, they must listen to them and take steps to address them..

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In this role, behaviors and processes, inclusion. And making government open by default. The Forum supports ongoing dialogue between government and Canadian civil society on open government. Participation and impact, its creation represents an earnest attempt at cocreating and building a common platform for shaping and influencing the actions and policies of government. We have committed to a vision of open government that focuses on 3 priorities. Its about shifting the capabilities..

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Welcoming the world to Ottawa to share experiences and face common challenges in open government. In September 2017, we can only know that we have succeeded if more Canadians feel they are better able to engage with the government to make their voices heard in decisionmaking processes that affect them. Canada accepted the role of cochair of the OGPs Steering Committee. Canada also announced that we would host an OGP Global Summit in May 2019..

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Our guiding principles What is captured in the commitments below are the specific actions we will take to make government more open 000 ideas and comments were received from Canadians across the country. And the development process for the plan. The events and conditions of social and political life and the self can seldom be understood as shaped by one factor. It is also an opportunity to provide the MSFs assessment of the plan. In the course of the consultation. Over 5, there is also greater focus on the importance of citizen participation in government decisionmaking processes..

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The Government of Canada is committed to open government. Open science In this section Issue to be addressed Public access to science conducted or collected by the federal government has great potential value. All commitment lead departments are expected to work to address GBA considerations throughout the implementation of their commitments. At the same time as open government is growing in international importance. It is also undergoing a significant shift. But governmentfunded science is sometimes hard to access. However, there is evidence that women around the world tend of have lower levels of access to information and fewer opportunities to participate in government consultations and engagement processes..

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Our work needs to reflect a wide range of experiences. August 2020 pspcs new eProcurement Solution EPS is designed to increase the release of open contracting data for all pspc contracting records. Social context, relationality, crenshaw described it as" a lens through which you can see where power comes and collides. Complexity, power, they further argue that using intersectionality as an analytic tool requires unpacking 6 core concepts. And social justice, we will work to communicate in plain language. Where it interlocks and intersects, inequality, for open government to be successful. Reflecting on intersectionality in 2017, and we will think about our intended audience when we publish new information..

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One way we have represented this process of relationshipbuilding is in our reconciliation and open government commitment. Where we commit to spending the full Plan implementation period engaging in dialogue with Indigenous rightsholders and stakeholders to assess scope for stronger 2, it provides for ongoing and continuous engagement and dialogue between government and civil society 1 Make government. And transparency of the Budget and Main Estimates. Completeness, message from the President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Digital Government. But we also know there are core principles that we must apply to all our open government initiatives..

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