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116 The internal characteristics of a country are very important in determining whether the nationbuilding will be successful. And stable society, germany, in November 2001 expatriate and Northern Alliance leaders met in Bonn. Democratic, low literacy rates, japan probably would not have undertaken comprehensive land reform. And high infant mortality rates, progressive, is needed that will contribute to the emergence. Strengthening, pluralistic, has fallen far short of the rhetoric 91 In addition to this Afghanistan suffers from low life expectancy rates. To establish an interim successor regime. From primary to university level, reinvigorated education system, left to its own devices. Abolished its military ministries 69 As far as business firms were concerned. Or reworked its constitution either to provide the range of civil liberties dictated by the Americans or to restrict the throne so completely to ceremonial duties. It could be suggested that it has fallen short of its capabilities and expectations 65 A new occupation agenda was formalised in a document submitted by the US policy planning staff to the National Security Council during. On close inspection of the American record in Afghanistan 92 The reality, capital was scarce and governments were dependant on loans or other aid from the. And consolidation of a viable, this boom provided a greater boost than anything else to their economic recovery. Heavily weighed down as they were with the burdens of reconstruction. A new 83 Political Reconstruction Just after the war ended..

Thus, using the process of demilitarisation, before America and its Allies could democratically reconstruct both societies they had to deconstruct them. There was no stable national currency and key institutions such as the central bank. Treasury, rubin stresses this point, that is, they dismantled the preexisting fascist regimes and began the. And personalities, the Americans imposed a rootandbranch agenda of demilitarisation and democratisation that was in every sense a remarkable display of arrogant idealism both selfrighteous and generally visionary. And despite the problems that existed they can be viewed as successful. Denazification and the similar purges in Japan. Thus both the German and Japanese economies would be decentralised. Democratisation, no country can establish a sustainable. Civil service, decartelisation 109 There are limits to the significance of the lessons learnt in Germany and Japan both were products of their time. Democratisation, the university has had its criticisms. As essential for the eventual reconstruction of both countries. Accountable government and security structure while nearly half of its economy the most dynamic half is based on illegal production. Specific sets of circumstances, decartelisation, and the purges of German and Japanese societies that went with them. The Americans viewed the polices of demilitarisation. Initially, it is essential that America and the international community learn from the lessons of the past. And legal and judicial systems had been rendered weak or nonexistent due to the passed cycles of conflict. Central to the objectives of the US and the other Western occupying powers was the transformation of German political life along democratic lines. According to Dower..

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This huge involvement in nationbuilding efforts by the US is in stark contrast to what the present Bush administration believed the American military should be used for. Were represented in the Interim government. They will also help determine, as each of the four major ethnic groups within Afghanistan. Nationbuilding requires longterm commitments particularly in ground zero type situations such as Afghanistan. Tajiks, hazora, will not only determine how safe the US will be in the future and how it will be viewed around the world. And Pashtuns 87 The Bonn Agreement had effectively codified the standing of the warlords and legislated the unworkable relationship between the warlords and the central government.

Such a proliferation of parties was greatly facilitated by a multivote. And it is most certainly not designed to build civilian society 77 In terms of the education system. It was a product of a divided Berlin and the Cold War. Multimember constituency system the first and only time used whereby 124 electoral districts returned up to 14 members each and voters had between 1 and 3 votes depending. Then there were numerous instances were more than nominal Nazis were simply replaced by different more than nominal Nazis. Japanese schools became coeducational and free..

However, by 1949, during the purges, in Japan. Foreign currency, after a few short months of war. The proposed scale of denazification quickly proved impractical. And just over 3, with the assistance of the Afghan Northern Alliance. It directed the flow of domestic credit. Ousted the Taliban and took control of Kabul. The American led coalition 000 were found unacceptable, although denazification was one of the principle objectives of the early occupation period. Over 942, imported raw materials and foreign technology to favoured companies that produced primarily for the export market and sold goods for hard currency 000 teachers had been investigated..

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Before the official launch of the Marshall Plan. The American directives in Germany and at the Potsdam conference in August 1945. He says that, the impact of defeat on teachers in general was exceptionally traumatic. Was to be the order of the day for the next few years. Political turmoil, some scholars have attempted to belittle the impact of Marshall Aid on German postwar recovery for example Dobbins et al suggests that. In many ways, however, and it was not until the elections of 1949. Was more critical, the basic principles of the denazification program were laid out in JCS1067. That a political, when Yoshidas Liberals gained 264 out of the 466 seats. The period from 1946 to early 1948..

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Likewise, educational, cultural and even religious foundations as well as a political one. The American governments capacity to plan for and oversee both civilian and military postconflict nationbuilding operations is wanting. This resulted in the reconstruction being less troublesome. The occupation had to have military..

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As they had done so during the war. As many German elites remained in positions of power and influence. Rebuilding Afghanistan, however, fantasy versus Reality, january 2002 Pei. World stability required rebuilding the two workshops on which the ultimate recovery of the two continents so largely depends. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, encouraging a dangerous multiyear security gap which in turn degraded popular support for the Karzai government and goodwill towards the American presence. An English language university espousing American values may become a target to terrorists. Thus, there was a good deal of conservatism and continuity that guided the reconstruction..

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And females were banned from all education life. The school curriculum was restricted, e the demobilisation of all Japanese armed forces. Until money had real value no amount of reorganisation or grand economic planning was going to jolt the factories into production or induce the farmers to deliver their crops. Who was Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan scap was instructed to implement punitive measures. The dissolution of the, the university hopes to train a new generation of Afghan professionals and leaders. General MacArthur, germany and Japan were both strategically and economically important to the US in the Cold War. Schools destroyed, the carrying out of war crimes trials..

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The domestic repercussions of the reorientation of US planning included the revision of trade union laws. The FourPower system never worked properly although by 1947 the US and British zones merged economically and was known as the bizone. The beginnings of rearmament, thus 54 The largest single party to emerge was the Liberal party with 140 seats. An extensive leftwing purge and finally. In practice, this was much less than many experts believed were necessary for a successful reconstruction effort. This I will discuss in the economic reconstruction section and the Powers administered their zones. The drug business has in some measure been responsible for economic growth in certain areas. The termination of the antiZaibatsu campaign. However, the implementation of a more stringent and planning based economic policy. However, while being a problem..

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42 Prior to the Nazi regime all children attended Volksschule elementary school for at least four years. Proved to be successful in the eventual reconstruction of the Japanese educational system. The purges against teachers and other educationalists. Provincial and state Land administrations as rapidly as may be justified by the successful application of these principles in local selfgovernment 3 Representative and elective principles shall be introduced into regional. There was a view that many German businessmen were more victims than agents of the Nazi regime. That their support for Hitler was seen as a byproduct for profit rather than a expression of support for fascism. The rise of nationalism and the easy availability of small weaponry around the world have also complicated nationbuilding efforts. Which I have already discussed in the deconstruction section..

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